6 December 2013

Romance Lives at the London Review Bookshop

Posted by Gayle Lazda

We receive a lot of post from our customers - thank you cards, Christmas cards, the odd Canadian $5 bill - and we appreciate every bit of it. But it's going to take an awful lot to top the card we received this morning. Renounce cynicism, embrace romance, and read on:

It was from a couple in Chicago, thanking us for our role in their serendipitous meeting: due to some accidental matchmaking on the part of the Cake Shop back in 2011, they happened to find themselves seated together on the same table. Cake and tea and a chat about books led, of course, to long walks around London, a trans-Atlantic romance, and a June wedding in Michigan.

In the ten years since we opened, is this the first London Review Bookshop marriage? If there are more, we'd love to hear about them. And to A & L, if you're reading this, we wish you both every bit of happiness imaginable.

Now you'll have to excuse me because I seem to have something in my eye.