2 September 2014

The London Review Bookshop moves to Minecraft

Posted by John Clegg

The London Review Bookshop has announced today that it will be opening a franchise in the popular block manipulation world of Minecraft. The surprise move followed the LRB Hackday, or Company Jaffabout, held in the Makerversity (box room) of Somerset House.

As you'll see from our demo video, the Bookshop has been recreated in painstaking detail. Regulars will recognise the familiar corridor through the history section to the Cake Shop, the downstairs poetry section and the Latin music emerging from the manager's office.

The inventor of Minecraft, James Dyson, called the move ‘a victory for British entrepreneurship, nous and raw grit’. His further remarks were drowned out by the throaty roar of a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Technology mogul Baron Sugar, on the other hand, has described the Bookshop’s decision as ‘a shrewd leap forward into the Cloud. As ever, where the LRB leads, other stores are certain to follow’. His fellow Dragons were similarly optimistic.

With huge thanks to Aline Jeffrey, instigator and creator of this spectacular business, and all Hackday attendees responsible for post-production.