22 August 2015

Eat Away The Fear

Posted by the Cake Shop

It isn’t a gimmick and we swear we’re not doing it to gross you out... Bugs are back on our menu! We’ve been taking inspiration from The Insect Cookbook, and experimenting with new flavour combinations, and honestly? We think this thing has legs.

We love using organically-farmed grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms in place of nuts in recipes. They’re crunchy, with a delicate nutty sweetness that pairs well with seeds and spices, and are unexpectedly delicious in cakes and pastries.

As The Insect Cookbook notes, ‘It’s just a matter of education. First you have to tell people that insects are edible and healthy; only then does it become interesting that they also taste good. You have to eat away the fear.’

Our favourite recipe of the moment is bug baklava. We layer ground mealworms and chopped pistachios between sheets of golden pastry and drizzle the whole thing with orange blossom and rose syrup. It tastes divine – and it’s perfect for those of you who are squicked by their little legs, as they’re blanketed by layers of phyllo. We’ll be serving it at our September late night shopping evening, accompanied by mint tea.

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