13 July 2015

The London Review Bookshop Guide to London - An Introduction

Posted by Gayle Lazda

Summer is here (more or less), so it's the perfect time to get out and explore this wonderful city of ours. Over the next few weeks, we're going to be guiding you around London in all its vast and perplexing glory, from the best places to eat to the most picturesque places to swim, and of course, all the best books to help you get beneath the city's skin.

If you come past the shop, you'll see in the window our own version of the tube map. You'll notice it's not totally complete - most of West London is uncharted territory; if we seem a bit biased towards North and South, well, that's because we are. You'll notice our version of London is also very much skewed towards the buying of books and the consuming of food and drink, because, again, so are we. (I'm selling us a bit short here - you'll also find museums, wildlife and the only Moby Dick-themed minigolf course in Britain). But the point of this whole exercise is to open the city up and discover all the places we've been missing, so we urge you to drop by and tell us what we've missed off (and argue with us about what we've put on).

To kick things off, here's a selection of the odder guides to London.

(A smaller version of our tube map appears below; click to download a PDF, best viewed after printing or zooming – there's a lot to fit in...)