30 September 2015

When in Rome...

Posted by Katie Parla

Is there such a thing as Italian cuisine? Italy is home to rich and numerous regional cuisines that have been shaped by politics, economics, and geography. What we eat in Rome differs dramatically from classic Neapolitan fare or the typical dishes in the nearby Apennines. Considering the prevalence of unique regional foods, the notion of a universal Italian cuisine may seem absurd. But that doesn’t mean no one has ever tried to invent it.

Industrial food companies like Barilla and Mulino Bianco have been doing it for years; their marketing teams have fabricated national Italian food sensibilities and leveraged local stereotypes for their own commercial benefit in Italy and abroad.

Join Katie Parla, historian Professor John Dickie and celebrated chef Francesco Mazzei for an evening of enlightening debate moderated by author Dino Joannides. The talk will be accompanied by a menu of seasonal food and Rose and Brut Prosecco from Bisol/Jeio. The food is provided by award-winning greengrocer Andreas of Chelsea and L'Emporio Fine Foods. Book tickets here.

This post originally appeared on Katie Parla's blog, 'Parla Food'.