3 January 2017

Celebrating the life and work of John Berger

Posted by the Bookshop

It was with great sadness that we at the bookshop learned of the death of John Berger on 2 January this year.

John was one of our first and most loyal customers, and one whose occasional visits to the shop in person, and more frequent correspondence by telephone and letter, have been a source of delight and pride for us over the past 15 years.

He was also, and remains, an author whose works, across an impressive range of genres, we are happy to unreservedly recommend to anyone with more than a passing interest in art, literature, politics, love or life. Rest in peace, John. You are sorely missed.

John Berger photographed in the London Review Bookshop, image courtesy of David Ridge

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John also wrote for, and was reviewed in, the LRB.