18 July 2018

1997: An Update

Posted by John Clegg

Good Morning.

My name is Prestell Jaffe, former CEO of Blockbuster Video and editor-in-chief of 1997 - the journal devoted to poems about films released in cinema's best ever year, 1997. There's a brief introduction to the journal here.

A lot of people have been wanting to know what's happened to the magazine. I'm afraid there's been a temporary hiatus. At the last shareholder meeting for Blockbuster Video (I no longer own any shares, but attend the meeting anyway, in order to offer my many suggestions to the current board) there was a small altercation which ended with me being placed in a medically-induced coma. When I awoke, I was pleased to find many lively submissions in the inbox. The first issue - with the theme of Dante's Peak - has been completed, and will be sent to subscribers shortly. It features marvellous new poems from Chrissy Williams, Colin Graham and others.

Our next issue will be on the subject of Con Air, the high-flying crime caper starring John Malkovich and Nicholas Cage. Submission deadline is the middle-of-September-ish. Future issues will cover Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Titanic.

For subscription / submission info, please click here.

With all best wishes,

Prestell Jaffe
Editor in Chief