24 December 2019

Christmas Quiz 2019

Posted by John Clegg

Here's this year's Christmas Quiz. Email your answers to books@lrbshop.co.uk, using the subject header CHRISTMAS QUIZ ENTRY - the first correct answer drawn from a hat on the 6th January wins a 'relevant book'.

1) What connects: The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner; Beckett’s Endgame; the manuscript with the best preserved version of the Boar’s Head Carol; the Boar’s Head Carol itself; an ornamental stone pineapple?

2) What connects: a play by Peter Nichols; an alternative title for The Great Gatsby; a seasonal mystery from the British Library Crime Classics; some objects which were fatal to Mikhail Bulgakov?

3) What connects the answers to questions 1 & 2?

4) A Hemingway character wants a roast pork tenderloin with apple sauce and mashed potatoes; failing that, chicken croquettes with green peas and cream sauce and mashed potatoes. What does he end up receiving?

5) Which book includes a lesser-known character called Guy-I-Am?

6) What connects an organ, a chancellor and a Stroke?

7) What connects men, Malcolm and American history?

8) What connects the answers to questions 6 & 7?

9) What connects the poet John Denham, the counterfeiter William Chaloner, and the dictionary compiler F.J. Furnivall?

10) What’s for dinner?

TIEBREAK: What is depicted in the above picture?