4 April 2020

Poem of the Week: 'View from a Window on a Sunny Day' by Sarah Fletcher

Posted by John Clegg

Our third Poem of the Week is from Sarah Fletcher. Fletcher's two previous pamphlets are Kissing Angles (Dead Ink) and Typhoid August (Smith Doorstop); a new pamphlet, Caviar, is forthcoming from Outspoken Press later this year.

View from a Window on a Sunny Day

I miss your paintings
and their futures too. Conspiratorial
idiosis. Holding hands. We mustn’t.

The sun beats the sky
like sink water through dirty flannel;
we are told to wait for it to run clean through.

This banishment is clear
and remedial: please, and please,
and please. Be, and patient.

Manifold eyes smart with tears.
I see that everyone is writing
poems: those automatons with a truth-fetish;

sniffing out bushfire foreheads with
incredible, extravagant, ease.