Brian Dillon and Esther Leslie on Walter Benjamin

Seventy-five years ago, on 26 September 1940, perhaps the 20th century's greatest cultural critic died in a small town on the Spanish border as he attempted to leave France, escaping the Nazis. This summer, writer and commentator Brian Dillon imagined a retracing of Benjamin's steps, tracking his life's work to that terminus in the Pyrenees. Scholar and Benjamin biographer Esther Leslie has recently edited and translated Benjamin's On Photography (Reaktion Books) and translated his Archive (Verso Books). Together they considered the extraordinary range, achievement and reach of this remarkable and hugely influential writer. The evening was hosted by Gareth Evans.

In association with, Carroll Fletcher Gallery, the Goethe-Institut, Institut Ramon Llull, the Whitechapel Gallery, RCA, Reaktion Books and Verso Books.

Part of a short season celebrating Benjamin’s life and work across London. Full details here.