China Miéville in conversation with The White Review

‘I hope that the next phase of that lineage of London visionaries is to reclaim voices that should never have been left out.’

A London visionary and a self-declared genre writer of science fiction and fantasy, China Miéville is the author of ten novels and is the three-time winner of the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award. Although his critical and commercial success might seem to indicate a desire to transcend genre fiction, Miéville maintains an allegiance to his SF forbears, preferring to operate ‘as a conduit [rather] than an outlier.’ Miéville’s writing navigates subterranean mythologies, politically saturated urban landscapes and strange, distorted realms of fantasy, and his recent masterpiece Embassytown (Macmillan) typifies his ability to marry the architecture of a fantastic universe to the exploration of a philosophical idea.

Miéville read from his work, and discussed some of the issues raised by it with Ben Eastham, co-founder and editor of The White Review.