Faber Poets: David Harsent, Jo Shapcott and Don Paterson

This next poem is about the concept of emergence, which is: how can you start 13.7 billion years ago with some hot gas and a bit of random quantum fluctuation, and end up having a one sided conversation in the London Review Bookshop? If that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.

An evening of poetry was held at the Bookshop to celebrate the publication of David Harsent's Griffin International Poetry Prize-winning collection, Night. Jo Shapcott and Don Paterson joined David Harsent for a spellbinding set of readings, touching upon bee-keeping, Rothko, saints and siestas, and culminating in an atmospheric reading from Night itself.

David Harsent will be returning to the shop for the first of our Sunday Poetry Salons.