Hazel Press Autumn Celebration

Hazel Press’s four 2020 titles were all London Review Bookshop bestsellers; we were proud to launch the first tranche of their four 2021 titles, one an electrifying collaborative poem, one a unique anthology.

Katrina Naomi and Helen Mort read from Same But Different, a lockdown collaboration which began as simply an exchange of poems; but like Wang Wei and Pei Di’s Wang River Collaboration, their poems soon started to speak to one another.

Belinda Zhawi, Ella Duffy, Maggi Hambling, Georgie Henley and Anna Selby read their own and one other poem from O, an anthology about sensuality, masturbation, orgasms, and pleasure, with ourselves and with others; offering a safe space to celebrate our bodies, lust, passion, fun, joy, defiance, tenderness and intimacy.