Is There Such A Thing As Italian Cuisine?

Dino Joannides, consummate food fanatic, bon viveur and author chaired a panel of writers and chefs to discuss the question: 'Is there such a thing as Italian cuisine?'. 

A well-travelled epicurean; a Calabrian chef patron who grew up in a family that made their own olive oil, bread and salami; a Rome-based journalist, sommelier and expert in Italian Gastronomic Culture; and a British specialist in Italian history. Can these four gastronomes come to a consensus?

On the panel was food educator and journalist Katie Parla, historian Professor John Dickie and celebrated chef Francesco Mazzei. The talk was accompanied by a menu of seasonal food and Rose and Brut Prosecco from Bisol/Jeio. The food was provided by award-winning greengrocer Andreas of Chelsea and L`Emporio Fine Foods.

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