Javier Cercas: The Anatomy of a Moment

We accept loyalty as a virtue, but at certain points in history treason can be a virtue. It is more difficult. You must be braver to do that than to be loyal.

The Anatomy of a Moment is a patient dissection of a key episode in recent European history – the attempted coup in Spain in 1981. In his meticulous analysis of the moment when gunmen stormed the Spanish parliament, Javier Cercas has created an intriguing book which occupies a fascinating space between fiction and reality. Paul Preston, Professor of Spanish History at LSE joined Cercas to discuss the challenges of historical writing in a conversation chaired by Lisa Hilton, acclaimed author of Queen’s Consort.

Javier Cercas and Paul Preston will be returning to the shop on 23 May to discuss Javier's latest novel, Outlaws. Book tickets here.