Lauren Oyler & Olivia Sudjic: Fake Accounts

Essayist Lauren Oyler – ‘the kind of dangerous writer we need more of’ according to Niamh Campbell – will be presenting and reading from her debut novel Fake Accounts. On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration a young woman discovers while meddling with her boyfriend’s mobile phone that he is, as well as her somewhat reserved and distant partner, a very popular anonymous internet conspiracy theorist. It’s a discovery that, although it surprises, doesn’t particularly shock her, but one that leads, through a bizarre set of coincidences, circumstances, twists and turns, to a moment of self-discovery in which she questions the limits of the social, the private, the personal and the virtual.

Oyler was in conversation with the writer Olivia Sudjic, who has described it as ‘savage and shrewd, destined to go viral. If the world does end soon I'll be glad that I read it.’

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