Leonora Carrington: Marina Warner and Chloe Aridjis

On the publication of the first complete edition of Leonora Carrington's short fiction,The Debutante and Other Stories (Silver Press) and the republication of her memoir Down Below in this centenary year of her birth, cultural critic Marina Warner and novelist Chloe Aridjis discussed Carrington's absurd, funny and provocative fiction and paintings. Carrington first started to paint and draw among Surrealists in Paris in the 1930s, escaped the war via New York to Mexico City where she met Diego Riviera, Frida Kahlo and Octavio Paz and became involved in the Women's Liberation Movement. Warner, who came to know Carrington in the 1980s in New York, and Aridjis, Carrington's friend from Mexico City, discussed the life and legacy of a singular artist and writer with Silver Press publishers Joanna Biggs and Alice Spawls.