Life, Literature and Liberation: Lara Feigel and Joanna Walsh with Jennifer Hodgson

Joanna Walsh’s latest book Break.up (Tuskar Rock), a feminist revisionist travelogue, and romance for the digital age, explores the spaces between lovers, between thinking and doing, between fiction and memoir, as well as ‘the sheer fragility of experience and feeling’ (Colm Tóibín). Lara Feigel’s Free Woman (Bloomsbury), ‘the bravest work of literary scholarship I have ever read’ according to Deborah Levy, is a memoir in which Feigel experiments with sexual, intellectual and political freedom while reading and pursuing Doris Lessing. Walsh and Feigel read from their books, and talked about what writing can, can’t, should and shouldn’t do. The evening was chaired by Jennifer Hodgson, writer, critic and editor of Ann Quin’s The Unmapped Country (And Other Stories).