Live Translation with Eduardo Halfon, Ollie Brock, Thomas Bunstead and Daniel Hahn

Our ever-popular Live Translation events see two translators going head to head with their versions of a text, with the author present, bringing to light the nuances and variations and the very inner workings of the translation process. Our first such event in the 2012-13 series explored the work of Guatemalan author Eduardo Halfon, named one of the best young Latin American writers by the Hay Festival of Bogotá. Halfon’s first novel to be available in English, The Polish Boxer, is unusual in that it has five translators, three of whom were on stage for our event. Although he chooses to write in Spanish, Eduardo Halfon is bilingual, preparing him well to debate the different versions, opinions, inner workings and nuances of translation with up-and-coming translators Ollie Brock and Tom Bunstead, with Daniel Hahn in the chair.