‘Wonders Will Never Cease’: Robert Irwin and Nicholas Lezard

Renowned arabist and regular LRB contributor Robert Irwin was in the shop to read from and talk about his latest novel Wonders Will Never Cease (Dedalus), his return to fiction after a break of 17 years. Set during the Wars of the Roses, the book promises to be a mind-altering blend of fantasy, fact and fiction, encompassing the Swordsman’s Pentacle, the Draug, the Miraculous Cauldron, the Curse of the Roasted Goose, the Talking Head and the Museum of Skulls.

In this podcast, listen to Irwin in conversation with Nicholas Lezard, whose weekly ‘Choice’ column in the Saturday Guardian has made him one of Britain’s most influential book reviewers.

‘The miraculous would happen every day. Someone would walk through a wall.’