99 Interruptions

Charles Boyle


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CB editions
1 September 2022
ISBN: 9781909585508
58 pages

From the publisher

Without a kink in the line there’s no story to tell. The kinks are the story.

There is gridlock on the M40 and a banana skin on every pavement. Lovers are disturbed in bed and my father becomes a rain god. Complacency is mocked. Death hovers. Shit happens. How the messiness of life is translated into fiction is considered and no conclusions are reached. Why, anyway, setting out from A, am I so sure that B is where I want to get to?

Interruptions push back, disrupting the status quo or derailing progress. 99 Interruptions – a cross-genre exploration of interruptions in both life and literature, and of the relationship between the two – attempts to take them in its stride.

‘I can’t think of a wittier, more engaging, stylistically audacious, attentive and generous writer working in the English language right now.’ – Nicholas Lezard in the Guardian on An Overcoat: Scenes from the Afterlife of H.B. by Jack Robinson, a pen name of Charles Boyle