Collection of Marvellous Things

Solinus, C. Julius


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Eglantyne Books
31 October 2022
ISBN: 9781913378066
300 pages

From the publisher

A magical mystery tour of the ancient world by the Roman author Solinus, – the Michael Palin of antiquity.

The first modern English language translation, with introduction and notes.

Solinus takes the reader on a tour of the known world of his time (early third century AD) and on the way we meet unicorns, men ‘transformed into wolves’, deer which swallow snakes after ‘dragging them out of their lairs’ by the force of their breath,

There are also cannibals and ‘the Pamphagi, who eat everything which is chewable, and anything which happens to be born’. In Phrygia there is an animal called the bonacus: ‘When it turns to flee, it discharges dung with a quick evacuation of its stomach, for a length of three acres. The heat of the dung burns whatever it touches. Thus it wards off pursuers with its noxious secretion.’

In the midst of all this menagerie of strange people and stranger creatures, we are treated to careful descriptions of all the foreign lands and learn titbits such as this: ‘India gives pearls; so do the shores of Britannia. The divine Julius [Caesar] wished it to be understood by an adjacent description that the breastplate he dedicated in the temple of his ancestress Venus was made from British pearls.’